Fee Schedule

Effective Date: November 07, 2018



Fee ($)

Below Minimum Share Balance (After open for 180 days) Up to $10.00
Low Balance (If Combined Loan and Share Balance is Less than $100) $1.00/month
Member Check Cashing (If Combined Loan and Share Balance is < $300) $5.00
Close Account (If within 6 months of opening) $10.00
Returned Statements $10.00/year
Address Correction Verification $5.00
Inactive Account (After 1 year) $5.00
Coin Counting FREE if deposited!

Miscellaneous Account

Fee ($)

Credit Union Check (“Counter Check”, more than 1/day) $2.00
Claim for Lost Counter Check $20.00
Incoming Wire $10.00
Outgoing Wire (to domestic recipients other than Western Union) $40.00
Outgoing Wire (to Western Union) $40.00
International Wire Please inquire.
Money Order $1.00
Account History Inquiry (per page, FREE online) First page FREE, $5.00/additional page
Copy of Account Statement (per month requested, FREE online up to 12 months) $5.00
Returned Deposit Item $25.00
Stop Payment ACH $20.00
Early Withdrawal from Holiday Club prior to Maturity $25.00
Excessive Withdrawal from Money Market (> 3 per month) $5.00
Legal Garnishment / Levy $30.00
Account Reconciliation or Research (per hour, ½ hour minimum, first assistance no charge) $20.00
Special Handling – foreign item processing, collection item processing Please inquire
Copy of Deposit Item / Cleared Item $10.00

Miscellaneous Loan

Fee ($)

Loan Extension / Skip-A-Payment $25.00
CU Thru Pay Day Loan Application Fee FREE!
Loan Application Fee $15.00
Existing CECU Refinance Fee – Consumer $50.00
Existing CECU Refinance – Real Estate Up to 1% of Loan Amount
Home Equity Real Estate Application Fee FREE!
Origination Fee – Real Estate Up to 1% of Loan Amount

Miscellaneous Transaction Account

Fee ($)

Monthly Service Charge FREE!
Crossroads – Monthly Service Charge $15.00 per month
Check-Cashing Account $15.00 per month
Copies of Multiple Checks (5 days notification, research fee may apply) Please inquire
Temporary Checks (per page, except new accounts) $5.00
Check Printing (Box of Checks) Please inquire
Manually Posted Items (checks / automatic deposits / withdrawals) $15.00
Overdraft Transfer $3.00
Returned NSF (Non-Sufficient Fund – item returned; including Reg. D limit) $25.00
Paid NSF (NSF item paid; account overdrawn) $25.00

Overdraft Privilege or Courtesy Pay (per occurrence)


ATM Transaction Adjustment

Check Stop Pay $20.00

Plastic Cards

Fee ($)

Replacement Card $5.00
Reissue PIN (No charge if ordered thru card issuer) $5.00
Rush Order / Special Delivery (per card or pin) Please inquire
Credit Card Annual Fee $15.00
Visa® Transaction Retrieval (may include research fee) $10.00
Late Payment $10.00
CU Travel Money (see card disclosure for usage fees) 7.95
Reloadable Debit Cards (request card disclosure for usage fees) 4.95
Visa® Gift Cards 4.95