Online Bill Pay FAQ’s

Q. What is Cutting Edge FCU’s Online Bill Pay and how does it work?

A. Online Bill Pay is a way for you to pay all of your bills online whenever you want, and you have all the control! You decide which bills are paid by Online Bill Pay, the amounts you want to pay, and the date you want that bill paid. You can even schedule payments up to a year in advance.

Q. How much does Cutting Edge FCU’s Online Bill Pay cost?

A. Online Bill Pay is free to you as a member of Cutting Edge FCU. You just need to be 18 years old or older, have a valid checking account with Cutting Edge FCU and bills that need to be paid.

Q. Where does the money come from to pay bills?

A. The money to cover a bill payment will come from your checking account just as it would if you paid the bill through the mail or over the phone. Sometimes the payment will clear your account as a paper check, other times it will clear as an electronic payment.

Q. Are all bill payments sent electronically?

A. Ideally, the bill payments would be sent electronically. The reality is that there are still many Billers that are not equipped to accept electronic payments at this time. Electronic payments will be made whenever possible, though the CheckFree Payment Center holds the right to send paper checks to any Biller.

Q. Can I use Online Bill Pay to send a payment to anyone?

A. You can send a payment to anyone with a valid name and address within the United States.

Q. Now that my Billers are set up, how do I schedule a payment?

  • To schedule payments, go to the Payment Center and enter the amount you wish to pay in the box next to the Biller Name.
  • Then, enter the Payment Date you want the Biller to receive the payment. It’s advisable to set the Payment Date at least 2-4 business days before your payment due date.
    NOTE: The Payment Center prefills the Payment Date with the earliest possible payment date. If you schedule a payment for a weekend or holiday, it will move the payment date to the previous business day. If you schedule a payment date on a Saturday or Sunday, it will move to the previous Friday.
  • Enter as many payments as you wish. Then click the Make Payments button.
  • Review your payment information and click the Submit Payments button.
  • You’ll then see a Payment Confirmation page that you can print for your records. Then click the Finished button.
  • On the right column on the Payment Center page, you’ll see Pending Payments as well as Recent Payments.
  • To schedule recurring payments or bill pay reminders, click the Manage My Bills button. Select a bill and then select what you’d like to do. Options include adding an automatic payment, setting up reminders to pay a bill, updating Biller information, deleting a Biller and receiving your bill online.

Q. How can I tell if a payment is paid by check or electronic payment?

A. Click the Bill History button. Under the Biller Name, click View Detail. The detail will say if the payment was made electronically or by check.

Q. How do checks sent from Online Bill Pay clear my account?

A. Paper checks sent to Billers through Online Bill Pay will clear your account just as a check that you have written would clear your account. The Biller receives a check from Online Bill Pay with your name and account information on it. Then, the Biller deposits that check at their financial institution. Finally, the check will clear your account. On Cutting Edge FCU’s Online Banking, you will be able to see a copy of this check just as you would one of your own checks.

Q. How do I set up an e-bill?

A. If you don’t sign up for e-bill when you initially enter your Biller information, you can choose to add it at a later date. Billers who offer an e-bill option will have this graphic: next to their name. Click on the graphic and a screen will pop up with instructions for signing up. When you’ve verified all the information, click Add Feature.

You can also add the e-bill option from the Manage My Bills section. Select the bill you’d like to receive online. Select the Add an electronic version of my bill option. Note that if a Biller doesn’t offer e-bills, this option will not appear. Complete the information requested and click Add Feature.

Q. Where do I see a list of my scheduled payments?

A. In the Payment Center section, in the right column is the Pending Payments section that lists all of your upcoming scheduled payments.

Q. What do I do if I make a mistake when setting up a Biller? What if the Biller’s address changes?

A. Click the Manage My Bills button. Select the bill you want to correct/change then select Update biller information. Make your changes and click Save Changes.

Q. Can I delete a payee that I am no longer paying?

A. Click the Manage My Bills button. Select the Biller you want to remove, then select Delete this biller. This will immediately delete the Biller so make sure you really want to delete them!

Q. What if I have a question about a payment?

A. You can contact the CheckFree Payment Center for Cutting Edge FCU’s Online Bill Pay at 888-868-5193 with many of your questions. They will answer questions about your user ID and password as well as questions about payments or payees.