Groovy Auto Loan Rates 1.99%

Groovy Auto Rates as low as 1.99% APR*

Whether buying a car, RV, toy or looking to save on a loan you have somewhere else, we invite you to join our Peaceful Revolution to see if we can lower your interest rates!

Let us see your purchase deals first. Some members are seeing savings of $1,000 or more.

As we review the deal, we make sure there are no hidden or inflated numbers to stop you from the Groovy rates and savings you deserve.

Got your loan somewhere else? A quick review will tell us if we can offer a better rate. It’s FREE! It’s EASY! It’s GROOVY!

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How can our 1.99% APR* be better than 0% APR*?

So, you’re interested in a new car (or RV, or ATV, or boat…).

It’s a beautiful day and you head to the nearest dealership. When you arrive, you’re practically knocked over with joy that they’re offering a 0% APR*!

What could be better than that?

Auto Loan 1.99% is better than 0%

But, while you’re happily signing those papers, is the dealership giving you the lowest price possible for your vehicle? You may not be aware of their extra costs even after you receive their first bill! Treachery!

Fortunately, you can call your friends at Cutting Edge
and get the true story of a REAL DEAL!

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With any new loan you will be automatically entered into our 2015 Peaceful Revolution, and have a chance to win prizes all year long!**

Monthly drawings for $100 Visa Gift Cards

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