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Our Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

While we consider ourselves credit union experts, you don’t have to work at a credit union to be a personal finance expert!

Here are some of our favorite personal finance blogs and websites* that may resonate with you:

Get Rich Slowly

This personal finance blog features founder J.D. Roth and how he got himself out of debt and built wealth over time with methodical and measured strategies, covering topics from budgeting and making wise purchases, to saving and investing for the future. No “quick fixes,” just really sound advice!

Women Who Money

As the name suggests, Women Who Money is a nuanced site made for a female audience to help women make the best decisions about their finances. They have organized their content in a way that resembles college classes with 100-level (novice), 200-level (intermediate), and 300-level (advanced). You’ll also find reviews on helpful books, apps, and other financial related topics that they’ve shared.


Frugalwoods is fun and unique because it’s all about a young couple documenting their path to financial freedom after leaving the hustle and bustle of Boston and moving to live on a multi-acre plot of land in rural Vermont. They share with readers how to build wealth through a frugal lifestyle!

The Penny Hoarder

Everything you’ll find on this site is either about saving money or making money. They focus on money hacks, work-from-home side hustles, budgeting, coupons, freebies, and more. While some ideas are small and simple (hence the name), there are a ton of helpful resources on how to make or save money from the comfort of your own home.

Invested Wallet

The articles and how-to’s at Invested Wallet are really geared toward beginners to get control of their money and learn how to invest. Blogger Todd Kunsman is a self-taught, everyday person who aims to help anyone and everyone in a relatable and realistic way by sharing his experiences with personal finance and investing through trial and error.

A Dime Saved

Blogger Robyn, a self-proclaimed “millennial mom with a passion for personal finance” writes specifically for low-income people who are not necessarily looking to get rich or retire early. She hopes her ideas and experiences with personal finance are relatable and accessible. As an MBA and life-long student of finance, she offers fresh perspectives on a rich range of lifestyle topics related to money.


*Please note that Cutting Edge Federal Credit Union does not endorse any advertisements, products or services offered through these websites, and are not responsible for the content shared on these sites. The content is for information purposes only, and readers should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, or other financial advice from Cutting Edge Federal Credit Union. Nothing contained on these sites constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by Cutting Edge Federal Credit Union.

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