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Celebrating the Magic of Credit Union Youth Month

Wizards of Wealth. Cast a spell for smart savings during Credit Union Youth Month. Click here to learn more.

Every April we celebrate Credit Union Youth Month, a time dedicated to educating and engaging young people about financial wellness and responsibility. In a world where an overwhelming amount of information is available at our fingertips, it can be hard to navigate how to teach your kids about money – especially if you struggle with managing your own finances. At Cutting Edge, we are here to help you and your kids through Youth Month (and beyond) to build a strong financial future!

One of the key aspects of Credit Union Youth Month is its focus on interactive learning experiences. We encourage you, as a parent or guardian, to get involved in the process with some of these easy financial management activities for kids of any age:

Earning Money/Allowances: Teaching children the power of earning their own money at a young age can instill a positive attitude toward their future workplace! What a child can do to earn an allowance depends heavily on their age. Take a look at this list of age-appropriate chores and start encouraging your kid to earn their own money.


Saving vs Spending: With kids constantly being bombarded with ads for the hottest new toy or in-app purchases in their digital games, it can be hard to explain that just because they want something doesn’t mean they need it now. By having them create a savings plan for what they want in the future, we can lead them away from the instant gratification mentality and help avoid unnecessary debts in order to get the things they want right away as adults. Use this “savings plan” worksheet to help kids better understand the power their money holds and how saving can create long term happiness with purchases.


Budgeting: As kids get older and begin to earn more money (whether it be from chores at home or a job) they may be tempted to spend what they receive on fun without considering other needs or expenses. By teaching them the skill of budgeting they can learn how to stretch their money and avoid needing “advances” in their income in the future.


By investing in financial education today, we are laying the groundwork for a more financially resilient and prosperous tomorrow. Let’s celebrate Credit Union Youth Month and commit to nurturing a generation of financially-savvy individuals who are equipped to achieve their goals and dreams!

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