mobile walletIntroducing Contactless Cards!

We are excited to announce that Visa® contactless technology has arrived at Cutting Edge! Contactless debit and credit cards provide a safe and secure way to pay simply by tapping the card at participating merchant terminals.

It’s fast

When you tap to pay with your Cutting Edge contactless debit or credit card, the payment is processed in a few seconds.

It’s easy

Simply tap your contactless card on the contactless-enabled terminal to make a purchase.

It’s secure

Your contactless card uses the same reliable security as chip cards, keeping your information protected. In addition to the safe and secure contactless option, you can still use these cards by swiping your magnetic strip or inserting the card. Upload your contactless card into your mobile wallet for even more convenience!

Where can I Tap To Pay?

Many of your favorite retailers accept contactless payments! Visit the Visa website to discover where you can “tap to pay,” how contactless technology works, and more FAQs.

How Can I get my contactless Cutting Edge card?

Contactless cards will automatically be issued to all new card holders, and existing cardholders will receive a new contactless card when your current debit or credit card expires.

If you want a new card sooner than when your existing debit or credit card expires, you can order a contactless replacement card for the standard card reissue fee of $8. Call us at 866-653-4392 or email us at if you have questions or would like to order a new contactless card!

Introducing Contactless Cards - the safe and secure way to pay!

Our new cards also come with a new look! Contactless cards are designed vertically with a sleek and simply front, with your card number and cardholder information displayed on the back. Debit cards will show off our signature steel pattern with a colored logo, and credit cards display an eye-catching wash of our purple and blue Cutting Edge colors.


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